Great Journey


We had a great journey in Bluency.

  1. Self-heating food – Prototype; heat your food seamlessly with a pull of string
  2. iWinkd – Tagging the real world
  3. Ogywawa – Buy your friends a drink
  4. Experience SG – Online provider of experiences and activities
  5. Model/Talent crowdsourcing – Prototype
  6. Pridict – Prototype; result with prediction
  7. Discount Hunt SG – Free curated hyperlocal deal
  8. Picka Poken – Poken device distribution
  9. Riwards – Beta; Employee Engagement Solution
  10. FlashPeek – Place for paying tribute
  11. ChiliBeep – Travel experience that matters
  12. Bookeep – SAAS; simple bookkeeping solution for small companies
  13. Timing – SAAS; simple productivity & clocking solution for small companies
  14. SnapTach – Utility; Attachment made Safe & Easy Everywhere
  15. Payroll – SAAS; simple payroll solution for small companies
  16. Bangalore Fresh – Ordering fresh Idlis online
  17. Cheap Rascal – Watch free korean drama & variety show with english subtitles
  18. Hidden Pot – small online commerce platform
  19. FeetBump – Stealth mode

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